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CESW is a popular website still increasing in popularity; frequented by influential people from throughout the construction industry across the South West of England and beyond. If you would like your business to be seen by these key decision makers, then the CESW website is the place to be.

Looking at some statistics, we can see why advertising with Constructing Excellence South West is a good investment:

In the month of March 2017 alone we had:

6,246 pageviews

2,456 Sessions (369% higher than the average for our industry)

1,702 unique users.

An average session time of 2:22 (20% higher than the average for our industry).

Even though our focus is the South West of England, we manage to attract visitors from a wide range of countries (though 92% of our traffic comes from the UK)

We do not attract the general web browser either as the majority of traffic to the CESW website is businesses only.

Check out our pricing today, and let us know if we can help you advertise your business.

(Note: All statistics gathered using google analytics, correct as of 12/04/2017 - Benchmarking information provided against other construction & maintenance websites that recieve between 0-99 sessions per day)



Our flat rate for banner advertisements is £300 per quarter


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