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The CESW Annual Review for 2022 was published in time for our AGM Luncheon on the 24th November. It gives an overview of 2022 with reports from our Chair, Dan Macey and outgoing Chief Executive, Andrew Carpenter.

Followed by updates from our Club Chairs, Theme Group Chairs, G4C Group. Marketing, PR, our annual built environment awards and much more.

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I write this in disbelief to think it is December 2022, the months of my first-year tenure as Chair of CESW have flown by, they say the busier you are the faster time goes by and maybe that is partially the case as we have certainly been extremely active within.

The initial question was  “What would my tenure look like over the 2 years from the appointment in November 2021 as we slowly started to see a recovery of Covid yet still retained in a world of uncertainty and drastic changes created through our reactiveness during a Global Pandemic? Was this a sign of times changing indefinitely as we establish new ways of working and communicating to continue a drive for improving the performance of the industry and influencing the changed agenda?

Was this a time that forced many to “Rethink Construction” by easing off, re-evaluating their personal goals and business plans and resetting for a different future? One thing is for sure, it was going to be challenging and that couldn’t be any further from the truth as we look back 12 months on.

CESW decided upon “Brave Movements” needing to reset, re-evaluate and restructure our future direction ensuring that our membership offering sits at the PINNACLE of the best value available for a not-for-profit representing body within the Construction Sector.

With such demand and dedication in mind, we valued the decision of Andrew Carpenter to step down as CEO allowing him to give greater emphasis to our neighbouring region Constructing Excellence Midlands and to offer additional resources with his wealth of Structural timber and sustainable material knowledge to areas within our industry and Government. Andrew’s departure at our recent AGM saw him hand over to a well-established team of Board members created during his time since CESW was founded in 2003.

The CESW board offered their commitment and accountability through an array of engagements whilst retaining their place within the core structure of our leadership. We wished to ensure our productivity within was industry aligned and remain a collective and bonded diverse group still with the desire to strive for transitional change.

CESW continue our approach of Brave movements through the unknown whilst considering any preparation needed for entering into times of a recession, albeit extremely difficult to predict the impact severity and its duration, this will be reflected in our restructuring and operational streamlining ensuring that our associates retain exceptional value through their membership.

I would like to thank all our loyal members who have retained their financial and physical active involvement throughout our journey, especially through times of financial hardships and welcome new organisations who have joined us recently and look forward to new concepts and ideas being shared for the greater good of the industry as we continue harmoniously with strength and encouragement for the future generations of our industry.

Our Generation 4 Change (G4CSW) led impeccably by Lizzy Painter of RWK Goodman has encouraged many young professionals into networking events combined with a collection of excellent Podcasts which breed new life into the sector with energy, passion and new visions. I would suggest that you keep your eye out for this vibrant activity within and encourage any GenZ colleagues to this forum.

Throughout the year we have hosted an array of Leadership Dinners generously sponsored by Global insurance and risk management company Gallaghers of which we are excited to collate the content of wisdom from these events and share with our members in the new year. We thank Gallaghers for this kind gesture and look forward to running more of these dedicated and focused dinners with them throughout 2023.

I reach out with extreme gratitude to all of our Board, Club and Theme Chairs and their committees whom without we would not have achieved delivering the successful collateral to our members and the wider industry. We have decided with great aspirations comes a great need for commitment and everyone involved in the driving force of CESW has shown just that.

I am pleased to advise that on the 5th of December the entire Board along with the Club and Theme Chairs have given their valuable time to come together as a united front to ensure we have a grass root review along with the top-down transparency of our brave and bold movements. The presentation for “The Future” delivered at this year’s AGM will be uploaded to the CESW Website within the Resource Hub for those who were unable to join us to view.

In early 2023, we will be reviewing our Membership structure to a more simplified offering and encourage many of our industry organisations to join our journey and support the great best practice collateral that significantly benefits companies throughout. We welcome your value both financially and your wisdom sharing. The more you are engaged with CESW, the more you will get out.

As we break through the doors of December and I am not just referring to the advent calendars, I wish everyone on behalf of myself and the wider team of CESW a very pleasant and enjoyable Christmas period, generally a period of well-deserved downtime as the majority switch off and shut down for the festivities.

Please spare a thought for those who are not as fortunate and undoubtedly this year will be feeling the financial pressures of rising costs and likely debts merely for survival never mind the ability to see Christmas as a time of enjoyment. No matter how big or small the gesture, be kind and share, maybe just parting with your spare change or hot coffee to a homeless person during your Christmas shopping or doing something rewarding that despite you thinking it may only be small could make someone’s day. This year, I will accompany my good lady on Christmas Eve visiting many elderly patients she nurses throughout the year just to offer them a token gift but most importantly to give a moment of our time, the time which they may not get from or with anyone else this Christmas.

Thank you all very much, Merry Christmas to you and your families, enjoy the celebrations and I very much look forward to what lies ahead and welcome anyone who wishes to join the cause to be onboarded with the future of CESW.

See you in a Brave 2023.

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