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About the awards

The 2023 Awards were held at Bristol Aerospace on July 20th. Please CLICK HERE to see all winners.

Our awards have established themselves as the one of the most prominent accolades in the South West’s built environment,  a celebration of exemplary practices. They serve as a resounding testament to the inherent success of the construction industry in the region, showcasing its dedication and determination to deliver diverse buildings, housing, infrastructure, and facilities through collaborative and sustainable means.

This year the CESW Awards supported the charity Billy Chip

The BillyChip is a unique safe and secure platform which allows the public to directly donate to rough sleepers without the fear of their donation being misused for drugs or alcohol.

We invite all organizations and project teams engaged in the successful delivery of buildings and civil engineering projects in the South West to participate in our prestigious awards. We welcome entries from developers, clients, contractors, specialist and sub-contractors, engineers of various disciplines, members of the design team, and other consultants. The essential criterion is that the project, scheme, process, or philosophy significantly contributes to the built environment of the South West and can be celebrated as a remarkable demonstration of best practices.

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The CESW Awards 2023


Award Categories

Project of the Year Award

Project of the Year delivers outstanding outcomes for all those involved in a construction project. It showcases the benefits achieved through the application of many of the principles described in the other award categories. Because of the diversity of potential projects, this category is split into two awards: Building Project of the Year and Civils Project of the Year.

Digital Construction Award

Digital Construction embraces BIM, GIS, Big Data and other evolving technological advancements. Technology has transformed the world we live in and has potential to revolutionise the construction industry.

Integration & Collaborative Working Award

Collaborative working is central to the core values of Constructing Excellence and its drive for positive change in construction.

Client of the Year Award

Construction clients have an important role to play in transforming the way the industry operates. How projects come to market has a significant impact on the ability of the construction industry to provide innovative, whole life value-for-money solutions.

G4C Future Leader Award

G4C is a driving force for industry change, through the development and connection of future industry leaders. The award is open to a person with less than ten years of experience in the construction and built environment sector.

People Development Award

People are our greatest asset and this award recognises organisations that appreciate and nurture their workforce to ensure they maximise the value of everyone’s contribution to the business.

SME of the Year Award

SMEs are the backbone of the industry and are recognised by Constructing Excellence for their dominance of and contribution to the supply chain.

Innovation Award

Innovation is widely recognised as the critical factor for increased and sustained productivity and growth. It demonstrates an organisation’s confidence, capacity and appetite for improved performance and productivity gains.

Conservation and Regeneration Award

The preservation or rehabilitation of old or historic buildings and sites is often an important part of neighbourhood revitalisation, providing physical and psychological focus for the community and creating jobs and investment opportunities.

Value Award

Judges are looking for an initiative, project or series of projects that has focused on the value of facilities in use and the outcomes for owners and users. Good facilities add value by enabling owners and/or users to live or work better in them.

MMC Award

A number of factors are convening to make offsite construction a more attractive solution than ever before. It can help address systemic failures including low productivity, low predictability, low margins, adversarial pricing, lack of culture for collaboration, limited R&D and investment in innovation and poor image.

Net Zero Award

High environmental and climate performance in construction aims to meet present day needs for housing, working environments and infrastructure without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs in times to come. It seeks to limit impact on the natural environment and demonstrate whole life sustainability. It is most effective when organisational culture, high design quality, technical innovation and transferability are abundant.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Award

Health, Safety & Wellbeing is of paramount importance and a culture of ‘safety first’ is crucial to performance. Overarching health and safety risk management systems and effective health initiatives are fundamental to reducing or eliminating all types of incident and promoting health and well–being across the supply chain.

Residential Property of the Year

What is a residential project? This could range from an individual dwelling, to larger housing developments including apartments and specialist housing such as supported housing, residential care and the like. This award recognises developments that provide a desirable and sustainable place to live. That demonstrate creative approaches from concept to delivery.

Sustainability Award

Sustainable construction aims to meet present day needs for housing, working environments and infrastructure without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs in times to come. It incorporates elements of economic efficiency, environmental performance and social responsibility – and contributes to the greatest extent when architectural quality, technical innovation and transferability are included.

Achiever of the Year Award

A CESW board award to recognise an excellent contribution to the South West Built Environment sector.

Sponsorship opportunities

For more than a decade the CESW Awards have grown to become one of the highlights of the business year, with people regularly turning out to witness the best of construction across the South West.

The awards are designed to showcase and reward achievement for organisations and individuals successfully driving excellence in the industry.

This event is a great opportunity for companies who wish to be seen as proactively leading the way within the Built Environment. Winners are selected across 15 categories including innovation, integration, value and net zero.

Please get in touch if you are interested.

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