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August Overview – Dan Macey

I sit writing this newsletter from the delightful surroundings of the Lake District emphasising just how different our working lives have become bringing greater productivity and how we have radically adapted positively to the circumstances that have been brought upon us unexpectedly. Whilst news, in general, focuses on the negative elements ongoing or foreseen, CESW is gearing up for an enormously encouraging and exciting future with progressive movements taking place.


As the incoming Chair, I am enthusiastic to continue the effective direction that my predecessors have driven CESW in past years with Emma Osmundsen’s strong focus on Leadership and Andrew Goodenough’s challenging term through COVID with his industry sector significantly impacted yet still dedicated to the challenge of driving the desirability of entering into our sector to the younger generation with the support of our G4C Theme Group.


Recent CESW events such as the Leadership Dinners have seen a wealth of our construction experts collaborating with meaningful discussions and debates on how best to embrace the challenges we face and how we can positively tackle these cohesively with the end goal being mutual.


We struggle to contain the excitement that our 2021 Awards will continue on Friday 17th September at The Marriot Hotel in Bristol delivering our first major physical event in circa 2 years. We very much look forward to welcoming our members and guests for this great evening of construction recognition. The uptake of ticket sales emphasises the yearning for attendance to rekindle the physical and personal approach to a Hybrid working ethos. Early purchase of this event is highly recommended.


New challenges bring new ideas, One which our current chair recognises by bringing the Board of CESW together to review, discuss and determine our future strategy with many new opportunities and challenges ahead.


I would like to thank all current members, new and loyal serving. As a Not-For-Profit organisation funded on membership fee’s and the generosity of sponsorship, this allows the exceptional best practice work to take place within and be shared widely within our industry.


I am thrilled to be invited into the role and eager to continue the passionate approach already demonstrated by others.


Stay safe and enjoy the holiday season.

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