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The Enlightened Client's Journey to Project Quality and Compliance

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The best construction projects have been designed, constructed and maintained successfully to the delight of the client and all those involved in it. The client is fundamental to this success as they set the culture and behaviour at the outset and during the project’s life.

About this guide

The Enlightened Client’s Journey to Project Quality and Compliance, initiated by a sub-group of the CESW Quality and Compliance Theme Group (now Building Safety Group) aims to capture what those enlightened clients do to achieve an exemplary standard of quality and compliance. We aim to grow this guide online organically, so new content contributions and suggestions for best practice, case studies etc are encouraged and welcomed.

Please email us with any comments or suggestions and for further information on contributing. All suggestions and contributions will be gratefully received and acknowledged.


Are you an enlightened client?

Enlightened means showing understanding, acting in a positive way, and not showing old-fashioned or false beliefs. It means being open to new ideas, based on reason and science rather than following old, false beliefs.

For further insights into what it means to be an enlightened client see the Detailed Notes on the Knowledge Hub page

Take the questionnaire to see how enlightened you are

Take our self-assessment questionnaire where you can measure how enlightened you are as a client. Your score will add up automatically during the questions.

– A score of 110-125 suggests that you are an Enlightened Client
– A score of 90-110 suggests that you are well on the way to enlightenment
– A score of 63-90 suggests you are half way there


How to use this guide

The index image below shows the sections that are currently available. The blue buttons on the right of each page are links to each section. New content will appear here as it is generated.

We aim to grow this online guide organically, so new content contributions are encouraged and welcomed. Please email us for further information and guidance.

Enlightened client questionnaire
Guide overview
What are the six Ps?
How we built the six Ps
Knowledge hub
External resources
Minor works clients
Acknowledgements and endorsements

How we designed the guide

To prevent re-inventing the wheel, many sources of construction information were referred to for this guide. From these six key elements in the construction process the six Ps – People and Leadership, Purpose, Procurement, Product Design, Process Execution and Performance Evaluation – were developed into a toolkit. A series of Client interviews based on the six Ps toolkit were held. These confirmed the usefulness of the six Ps toolkit as an aide memoire to those enlightened clients and as support to those clients that are aspiring to be enlightened.

To help people using the guide there are links to the resources that can be used when considering the six Ps. These show where the clients can have opportunities for collaboration and innovation through transparency with the supply chain. The guide should be useful to all those working in the construction process from seasoned professionals to those starting out in their career.

For domestic clients there is a section on Minor Works Clients.

The construction process can be enjoyable and rewarding. It is not easy and everyone involved has to work at it. The Enlightened Client’s Guide to Project Quality and Compliance captures the essence of what good clients are doing.

Richard Kochanski
Chair, CESW Building Safety Group
1 August, 2022

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