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Holistic Housing Solutions

Holistic Housing Solutions Ltd (HHS Ltd) specialise in modern methods of construction and offsite technologies offering a variety of solutions through our collaborative supply chain partners attributing to the rapid delivery of much-needed homes without compromise. Used individually or collectively these concepts have a positive impact on improving the quality, enhancing the performance, and reducing the overall build programme when compared to traditional methods.

The use of MMC and offsite technologies aid to positively disrupt the housing sector to bridge the gap between traditional developments and the Government demand for more homes. Without embracing the use of the rigorously tested innovative solutions, this demand grows further out of reach.

HHS Ltd offers value as an independent agent to collaborative supply chain partners of accredited concepts and provides experienced knowledge and guidance to clients who are actively seeking support to embrace and value engineer developments with the use of MMC and innovative technologies to meet future homes standards.

HHS Ltd will be a brand representation offering high-quality goods and service levels by only acting on behalf of reputable companies with credible products and solutions minimising the exposure of risk for use in the UK construction sector.


HHS Ltd has a high level of understanding of each product and concept in how they perform both independently or collectively. When combining these advanced technologies they achieve high quality, cost-effective, sustainable dwellings.

HHS Ltd engages in a capacity to suit the service level required from the client or manufacturer varying from a plausible contract introduction to on-site support and management facilitating a smooth transition of sale and application to achieve the best results.

Proactively working across the UK, HHS Ltd offers a presence and representation of each company brand and reassurance to the end-user that knowledge and support are readily available.


Offsite Volumetric      

HHS Ltd has partnered with an expert offsite manufacturer who with years of experience, delivering worldwide has the capacity to deliver around 2000 modules Per Annum which is rapidly scalable on demand.

Our partnership aims to be at the forefront of offsite manufacturing bringing the strengths of the construction industry experts together through historical relationships working in collaboration to focus on the deliverables of high-quality homes, apartments and bathroom pods of the future.



HHS Ltd also specialises in the retrofit requirements of the existing housing stock as part of the industry decarbonisation programme towards net-zero carbon emission homes by 2050. With a fabric first approach, HHS focus on the strategies of Air permeability, Thermal bridging, Thermal performance, condensation, Humidity and ventilation to enhance SAP or Energy performance to 81+ or B without the initial need for renewable energy provisions which would create an initial and unnecessary cost burden to asset maintenance.

With Retrofit coordination, Retrofit design and NVQ L7 management available within,       HHS Ltd work to the quality installation and outcomes of PAS2035.

In 2020 the economical effects of COVID-19 are having a detrimental impact on the UK construction sector, in particular, the availability of traditional materials and labour resources, however, Holistic Housing Solutions will be liaising with industry leaders and drivers aiming to contribute to a strong and speedy recovery accelerating developments with the use of Modern Methods of Construction.


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