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Paul Read | Chair

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About this group

In 2020 the Construction Client Group collaborated with CCG’s in other regions to publish The Clients Best Practice Guide.

This year we are looking at the challenging agenda for clients in their leadership role for change.

Our aim being to produce a Best Practice Guide on ‘Embedding Change in client organisation for net zero future’

To facilitate this  aim, we have planned a year of focused meetings to help us inform and influence within and without our business

The CCG members have agreed to focus on these key issues in 2021:

  • Embedding the change – delivery of the Construction Best Practice Guide
  • Retrofit and engaging across your organisation
  • Design lessons in a post covid workplace
  • Decarbonisation – in production and in use

Keep an eye out for our programme of expert talks and exemplar site visits.

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Our Vision

An industry making more effective use of collaboration and best practice to deliver projects faster, at lower whole-life cost, with greater quality and reliability, with lower emissions, and with more sustainable margins for all the parties involved.

Our Mission

To provide high-impact leadership in encouraging and supporting collaboration with a particular emphasis on improving Procurement and raising Productivity.

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CCG Theme Group Meeting

Date: 23rd November 2021


Cost: Free

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm

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Clients’ Commitments Best Practice Guide



Clients are at the heart of Constructing Excellence as the body for all public and private sector clients to improve the outcomes of their engagement with the construction industry.

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Catherine Bullough CITB Presentation – 3rd November 2020


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