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Why CPD is important in Construction?

For construction professionals the importance of learning and development (L&D) within construction has never been more important. Technological developments in areas such as MMC, BIM, sustainability, Materials etc are continuing to develop and rise up to the industry challenge. It is therefore essential that professionals evolve and develop new skills alongside these changes to be ahead of the curve.

For organisations working within construction the opportunities and challenges are similar. It is crucial to improve individual and organisational performance through staff upskilling and developing employee capabilities. Having a dynamic skill set is key to the success of adding value in the fast-changing environment.  Therefore, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for both formal and informal learning through training, seminars, webinars, conferences, events etc can contribute significantly to the industry challenges enabling individuals and organisations within construction to upskill, driving the construction industry workforce and reducing skills shortages.


How is CESW tackling the problem?

We believe technology has an important role to play in addressing the current problems. As part of CESW ongoing commitment to construction digitisation and innovation we are excited to announce our collaboration with MyProPass to enable the members and professionals to capture the benefits of CPD, training and associated records/certificates in one place.

From now on we will issue digital certificates to all our delegates and attendees for attending CESW CPDs, seminars, Webinars, Conference etc.


How can MyProPass benefit CESW members?

CESW members will be issued a digital certificate of attendance into their MyProPass account.

MyProPass has been developed by construction professionals experiencing the cumbersome processes linked to keeping professional qualifications relevant and up to date, particular when there are multiple CPD courses to attend, and multiple professional memberships to maintain. The use of this revolutionary certificate management app enables members to store, own and share certificates digitally in one single place through their cloud-based repository.


The system is free to use. Please register at to avail the benefits which include:


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