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John Williams | Chair

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About this group

This new Theme Group began in early 2020 with an inaugural meeting at which it was agreed by those who attended that Health and Wellbeing is a vitally important ‘duty of care’ issue for every organisation and business in the Construction Sector to understand and address but also additionally to embrace as an added value opportunity.

Given the infancy of the Theme Group it has yet to agree its purpose, vision, and mission. It is hoped that through the next couple of meetings that a core of the Theme Group memberships will agree a common purpose and the mission through which the Theme Group can collectively move forward.

However, given the Covid-19 crisis that quickly followed the inaugural meeting it is proposed that the focus of this Theme Group is upon supporting and providing information to members on:

  • The importance of valuing the health and wellbeing of their employees;
  • The development of understanding, compassionate, and effective leadership and line management relationships;
  • Addressing discrimination and supporting disclosure;
  • Valuing diversity and transferable skills;
  • Understanding that mental health is as an outcome of the Covid-19 crisis and a major issue for which organisations and business must accept responsibility and act; and
  • Recognising that health & wellbeing is not a reactive but a proactive value adding approach to the leadership of modern progressive organisations where talented employees will look and want to both work and remain.

It is hoped that leaders at or near the top of their organisations and businesses will join and play a key role in this Theme Group if it is to have the impact and effect it needs to make a real difference in the South West Construction Sector.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing in Construction: Giving people a voice



CESW recognise that mental health and wellbeing is an area that requires focus and attention. CEO, Andrew Carpenter recognises that the people who make up the construction supply chain are very diverse and complex.

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