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Now is the time for Constructing Excellence – Paul Read

Welcome and thank you!

I am writing this piece on Valentine’s Day, which is fitting given my love for construction and all it achieves. Constructing Excellence has for years been the place where it’s been possible to feed your passion and soak up excellence in all its forms with likeminded people.

Having chaired the Construction Clients Group for Constructing Excellence and experienced the work of CESW through both a client and contractor lens over many years I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to join the new CESW board.

Our beloved industry, at its best benefits us all through the inspiring spaces, and practical infrastructure solutions and routes to a greener future. That said we are in crisis and right now construction is not universally loved.

We see this in our communities, the tweeters, documentary makers, investors and politicians who right now are collectively holding a mirror up and saying enough is enough, dealing out some tough love and saying we want you but not like this.

Now is the time for Constructing Excellence, to play cupid match best practice and open hearts for change and thereby positively disrupt the industry for good and change our stars.

Now is the time for Constructing Excellence to empower the change that is coming from the ground up, top down and from within our own businesses. To nurture and promote the best and help those who need it to break through the barriers to change put up over the years and which hold no place in the few years we have until 2050.

This year’s Theme Groups for future skills, smart construction, climate crisis and building safety with the cross-cutting agendas for diversity and inclusion, health and well being and procurement on value support the change we need to see in the world.

Now is the time for Constructing Excellence and I am excited to have this chance to work with you all at this precise time and play what part I can to make change happen and encouraging new generation of people to find love for our industry or to find it again. What will Valentine be saying about us in the 14th Feb 2023?

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