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Andrew Brown | Chair

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About this group

Constructing Excellence South West’s Procurement and Productivity Theme Group now has a new Chair, Andrew Brown.

The Procurement and Productivity Group is offering great opportunities to exploit the obvious synergies between procurement (setting up the right project team and supply chain within the most appropriate operating system) and productivity (achieving operational excellence across the whole design, manufacture and construct process).

The new Theme Group has extended the scope of its work to include the whole design and construction process between RIBA Plan of Work stages “Concept” and “Handover and Close Out” and to enrich and integrate our thought leadership to include smarter procurement, logistics, lean and agile supply chain management, offsite production, and continuous improvement to achieve operational excellence.

Following three meetings of the Theme Group and numerous other exchanges of views we have now agreed our Vision, our Mission, our Objectives (Vital Few) and our Projects (Supporting Hows).

Our Projects (Supporting Hows)

  1. Guide to Outcome-Led Procurement: The Main Contractor’s View
    • Martin Howe, Martyn Jones, Paul Nix, Michael Chaney, Rhodri Richards, Mike Borkowski and Christopher Dee
  2. Guide to Collaboration for Clients
    • Elizabeth Kavanagh
  3. Black Hats
    • Martyn Jones
  4. ISO 44K Awareness Workshops
    • Eirian Lewis
  5. Delivery Through Collaboration
    • Steve Clark, John Rich and Mary Bennell
  6. Exploiting Communication Technologies to Support High-Impact Leadership
    • Mike Borkowski and Andrew Brown

Our Vision

An industry making more effective use of collaboration and best practice to deliver projects faster, at lower whole-life cost, with greater quality and reliability, with lower emissions, and with more sustainable margins for all the parties involved.

Our Mission

To provide high-impact leadership in encouraging and supporting collaboration with a particular emphasis on improving Procurement and raising Productivity.

Our Objectives (Vital Few)

  1. To improve the performance of the SW construction industry through appropriate procurement approaches and greater productivity
  2. To understand and address the core issues that hinder efficiency, innovation and productivity in the region’s supply systems
  3. To encourage and support greater collaboration between the parties at pivotal points in the design, construct and operate cycle
  4. To promote procurement routes and supply chain cultures and practices that best reflect CESW’s values

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Latest Events

Value Toolkit Workshop

Date: 3rd November 2021

DoubleTree by Hilton Bristol City Centre

Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Procurement & Productivity Theme Group Meeting

Date: 11th November 2021


Time: 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Latest Resources

CCL Drone use case study by Andrew Brown – Churngold

Theme Group Case Study


Despite the COVID pandemic Churngold Construction recently decided to invest in its own Drone team to help deliver its Earthworks and Groundworks projects. MD Andrew Brown said “ It is great to see the benefits our new drone team have already brought to our site teams"

Outcome led procurement: The view from the supply chain



Following the publication of the earlier guidance Outcome led procurement – A common sense approach to construction procurement1, the CE South West Procurement Forum has been looking at the procurement of construction projects through the eyes of its supply chain.

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