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CESW Chair, Dan Macey – December Overview

As we approach the festive season, this is a time generally known for its mass gatherings and celebrations throughout, although many are still unsure and unsettled by the ongoing implications that have impacted us daily throughout 2020.

Our normal way of life disappeared overnight.  We became reactive to change, because we had to. We were forced to think spontaneously and out of our comfort zone, because we had to. We reset our business plans, because we had to. We have adapted our organisational structures and working methodologies, because we had to.

In 2020 the industry was being led by the unprecedented times we faced although our Government stood up and noticed our construction sector as being Fundamental to the country’s needs, Keyworkers, as we continued to work. By no means do we shadow the enormity of effort and bravery of our National Health Service, but it was In the aid and need of our public and in the interest of our economic state that our industry became Keyworkers.

Forced by a time of crisis despite already facing many others, Housing Crisis, Climate Change crisis, Resource Crisis, notwithstanding that, our industry collaborated for the greater good of all. Emergency provisions happened almost overnight to support overflowing hospitals and dedicated buildings such as the Nightingale in Exeter were created through the devotion of our industry experts and their ability to collaborate to achieve the right outcome.

2020 has seen some tough conditions which undoubtedly gave our previous Chair Andrew Goodenough some major challenges. I am glad Andrew will now retain extremely active as Co Vice-Chair supporting our Generation 4 Change (G4C) who form to be the future of our industry. Andrew will be joined by Emma Osmundsen who with strong leadership skills and a passion for buildings of the future brings exceptional support strength to the focus. Andrew Carpenter and his immense passion for our Industry continues his drive as CEO.

So what does 2022 look like? As we turn the corner we have taken the time to look ahead, Reset, Revive and be bold. We remain forward-thinking, we remain positive, we remain a desire to influence the changed agenda, we remain to improve the industry performance and ensure a better-built environment is created but most of all, we plan to be Brave and take Constructing Excellence South West to the next level.

We plan to lead and not be led. Recent events within CESW such as the Board Away Day and AGM has demonstrated this by bringing together a wealth of industry experts with strong beliefs in the ethos, who are willing to collaborate and share years of knowledge to positively change the appearance of our industry, Collaboration… It is not just a buzzword, It’s a powerful action. Collaboration enables individuals to work together to achieve a defined and common business purpose one which we must not forget.

We are creating an action plan that works within our available time and resources that can commit to delivering measurable and realistic expectations with focused and clear objectives aligned to the National Strategy.

We encourage further engagement from our existing member’s with the most benefits being gained through active involvement. We pledge for more organisations to join our CESW Army of like-minded individuals who have a desire for performance change. As a Not-For-Profit organisation delivering best practices, we are heavily reliant upon stakeholder financial and physical contributions that support the ability of our drive, more input will only lead to greater output.

The future of our industry is buoyant, particularly in Newbuild housing and the decarbonisation of existing stock, The economic impact in our sector will grow, and the alarming rate of associated Carbon will decline. Smart Construction/MMC continues to be a forerunner for change bringing significant benefits throughout whilst positively contributing to the reduction of both embodied and operating carbon.

As the newly appointed Chair for the next 2-years, It leaves me to say that I am delighted to have been selected to lead Constructing Excellence South West in such a prosperous time where we have a choice and chance for change. The Choice to say NO! The Chance to be brave, The understanding of what positive impacts this Change will make.

It is time that we lose the word “Cost” from our immediate vocabulary and collaborate to understand the true meaning and definition of “Value” within our industry to deliver better outcomes. Cost is a race to the bottom negatively impacting on Quality, Safety, Profitability, longevity to name a few, with that comes bad outcomes, bad publicity and acts as a disruptor of encouragement to our new generation needed within our sector to replace our retiring skills.

Let us use Christmas 2021 as a time to Recover, Revive, and Reset. A period to enjoy the lost time from family lives and to enjoy the spirit of Christmas (whether in mind or from the bottle), The Christmas season, for many in our industry, is an opportunity for uninterrupted time with the closure of sites and offices. Let us return in January not blaming Covid for the extra pounds we have put on, but for the indulgence of enjoyment and laughter, we deserve and all desired when that choice was taken from us.

Alongside my fellow CESW colleagues, I wish you all and your families a very Merry Christmas period, Stay Safe, and I am excited for a very prosperous New year in 2022.

Good Health and Best Wishes.


Best Regards

Dan Macey
07824 873987

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