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About G4C South West

G4C South West is part of Constructing Excellence South West, and we share joint aims.

G4C South West is one of the newer regional groups and has been rapidly gathering momentum as the South West’s young professional voice of the UK built environment agency.

We are particularly focused on encouraging students of school age to consider a career in the industry. Please see the report called Constructing the Future, which offers guidance on how the industry can address the shrinking labour pool: Resources – Constructing Excellence SW. G4C South West are helping to implement the recommendations in the report.


What do we do?

  • We organise networking events for young people currently working in the industry.
  • We support and run careers events for students of school age. We use our G4C contacts talk at these events, as we hope that using inspiring and relatable individuals to demonstrate the exciting opportunities available will help encourage the younger generation to join the industry.
  • We produce a monthly podcast, where we take it in turns to interview other young people in the industry about their experience and ambitions.”


G4C members can benefit by:

  • Having access to innovative industry thinking
  • Having opportunities to ‘accelerate growth’ beyond typical career path(s)
  • Understanding the strategic development / future of the UK Construction (asset management) industry
  • Being involved in networking opportunities to form relationships with like-minded high achieving peers and to provide business opportunities

G4C South West’s aims:

  • We will be the voice of our Generation
  • We will influence change
  • We will target key Built Environment issues within the South West
  • We will help the Built Environment in the South West through linking with local business, authorities and education.
  • We will use the knowledge of, and work with the entire supply chain within the industry
  • We will learn about other professions within the Built Environment industry and develop relationships going forward.
  • To network with like-minded individuals from the Built Environment

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