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A390 Truro Western Corridor

Cornwall Council

Project Overview

The Truro Western Corridor (TWC) package seeks to promote alternative modes of transport to an already congested road network within the expanding city of Truro. By complimenting the existing park and ride sites on either side of Truro, the TWC seeks to alleviate the pressures of a high number of education, employment and health sites which draw large numbers of daily commutes into Truro from the surrounding areas. The package comprises 6 schemes including a new bus gate, walking and cycling improvements over a 3.9Km corridor. Three milestone (TMS) roundabout was a pinch point that was exasperated by buses having to negotiate it twice in order to serve the local village. By adding extra lanes on the approach to the roundabout and creating a bus gate to the east of the village buses have a more direct route making the service more attractive & relieving congestion. Walking & cycling (W&C) improvements will provide sustainable and healthy alternative methods of travel into Truro instead of car as well as maximising health opportunities for them too.

Best Practice

Reduced Emissions: Much of the work required for construction has taken place at night on the main A390 in an attempt to minimise congestion, keep traffic moving and reduce emissions.This had the effect of avoiding a dramatic increase in emissions in an area already designated an Air Quality Management Area.

The majority of work so far was offline which eliminated the need for elaborate diversions into quieter suburban streets and spreading emissions across a wider area.

The bus gate scheme has already achieved a savings of 90 buses per day not having to travel a 1.3km loop into and out of the TMS village and allows them to pass through TMS village with prioritised traffic signals to re-join the A390. This has made the service quicker, more reliable for those wishing to access Truro city centre and offers savings in emissions.

Gloucester Transport Hub - Constructing Excellence Gloucestershire


The package of works was predicted to ease traffic congestion, increase bus usage and encourage more sustainable and greener modes of travel to the city. Cornwall Council’s cabinet member for transport said at the Busgate’s opening “we hope will encourage more people to travel by bus…reducing pollution and making the village of TMS a safer and cleaner environment”.

Access to Treliske Estate and the rail network are all improved by the TWC providing investment opportunities for local businesses who feel congestion is currently blocking Truro’s economic potential. There is a desire to attract knowledge based industries to Truro and the TWC scheme will create the right environment for this to happen.

Gloucester Transport Hub - Constructing Excellence Gloucestershire

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