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Our commitments

We are committed to people - from the health and safety to training and development, and from ensuring respect for, and the positive mental wellbeing of, all participants in the construction process.

Central to everything we do

As the world around us changes, we must adapt and ensure that as a representative organisation Constructing Excellence South West evolves with it. That’s why the board has decided to ensure three core values are actively promoted across CESW’s activities.

There are:

  • Divertsity & Inclusion
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Procurement on Value

The CESW board actively monitor how these values are implemented, to ensure help ensure they are central to everything we do as an organisation.

CESW Values - Diversity and Inclusion
The business case for increasing diversity and inclusion in the construction industry could not be clearer. Read more here.

CESW have adopted the CIOB Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Charter as best practice.

The business case for increasing diversity and inclusion in the construction industry could not be clearer. What we build should meet the needs of society. That is hard to achieve if we are not sufficiently diverse and, as an industry, do not reflect society.

Why this matters

The numbers within the CIOB report reveal that diversity and inclusion in construction is a matter of individual business survival. A growing body of evidence suggests that it is also a matter of business success.

That is the focus for this report and charter: that the issue of diversity and inclusion is one of vital strategic importance for construction business leaders right now, and it sets out the steps they need to take to get their organisations moving in the right direction.

What we want to achieve

Getting moving in the right direction is the load-bearing idea here, because change cannot happen overnight. Most organisations that now enjoy enviable records on diversity and inclusion started from somewhere very different. It is a journey an organisation must start and involves changing cultures and processes over time within a given organisation’s unique context. the charter is intended to encourage the first step in that journey.

The five actions recommended are not difficult in and of themselves but making all five work together over time to produce results will take thought and commitment.

CLICK HERE to download the charter.

CESW Values - Health and Wellbeing
The board of CESW feel that it is high time for a change in the sector’s approach to health and wellbeing. Read more here.

The Office for National Statistics tell us that men in the UK are three times more likely to die by suicide, and in construction – a male dominated sector – men are three times more likely to die by suicide than the national average for men.

A report by the Chartered Institute of Building found that 26% of construction industry professionals thought about taking their own lives in 2019, 56% of construction professionals work for organisations with no policies on mental health in the workplace, and that 70% of respondents experienced depression and 87% experienced anxiety over the past year.

The pressures including long working hours, job uncertainty, tight deadlines, financial pressure and working away from home can have significant impact on the mental health of both white collar workers and senior managers.

However, these saddening statistics around mental health and wellbeing in the construction industry have only very recently begun to receive the attention and consideration it needs.

The construction industry has had a reputation as a macho industry that was ill-prepared to face the facts about mental health and take appropriate measures to support its workforce in this regard.

At CESW we feel that it is high time for a change in the sector’s approach when it came to dealing with such issues.

Those changes need to start at leadership level and as such the board of CESW has decided that Health & Wellbeing should be a cross cutting theme that is considered a priority within all our Focus Groups.

Mental Health Support

CESW have also partnered with Red Dot 365 to provide direct confidential access to qualified mental health and wellbeing therapist 24 / 7 365, at no cost to you or your organisation.

If you need support press the Red Dot now.

Red Dot Button

CESW Values - Procurement on value
The board of CESW has decided that Procurement on Value should be a cross cutting theme that is considered a priority topic within all our Focus Groups.

More detail to follow shortly.

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