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Announcing the Construction Industry Collaboration Initiative

“As the CEO of Constructing Excellence South West, I am proud to announce our partnership with LeadersMeets in providing the Construction Industry Collaboration Initiative (CICI). We understand that collaboration has been a longstanding challenge in the construction sector, with research having confirmed the need for greater collaboration among organisations.

Our unique initiative aims to bridge the gap and provide a platform for better collaboration and communication between organisations in the construction supply chain. We are excited to have the Constructing Excellence Gloucestershire Club as our founding member, and we believe that together, we can create a positive impact across the construction industry.

Through the CICI, we aim to promote a culture of collaboration, foster better relationships between organisations, and improve project outcomes for all stakeholders involved. We are committed to working with our members to create a supportive and collaborative environment that benefits everyone in the construction supply chain.

We are confident that the Construction Industry Collaboration Initiative will help to address the challenges that have persistently hindered the construction sector, and we look forward to working with our members to drive positive change in the industry.” Kevin Harris.

“Constructing Excellence Gloucestershire are delighted to partner with the South West Region in the delivery of this Collaborative Initiative. This subject matter is most relevant in the Construction sector today as we seek to work in a collaborative manner. We look forward to seeing how the delivery of the certificate drives improvement across the regions.” Johnathan White, Chair.

“Collaboration is fundamental to Constructing Excellence. This initiative led by the South West is an excellent mechanism to upskill and train those at all levels in the sector on how to effectively collaborate.” Alison Nicholl, Head of Constructing Excellence.

Typically, the benefits achieved include:

· Improved Quality

· Reduced project/contract delivery time

· Decreased costs

· Heightened productivity

· Joint problem-solving

· Reduced error

· Eradication of disputes

· Building of trust and long-term relationships

The key immediate focus and benefit in this first and unique initiative is to provide value for money training in the key behavioural aspects of effective Collaborative Working through a five-hour Certificate course. This will be delivered on a regular basis via five one-hour weekly online group workshops or alternatively it can be facilitated in a one-day face-to-face session being the ideal opportunity for Supply Chain members to come together to learn and develop their Collaboration and Collaborative Skills as a team.

The highly pertinent behavioural training is based around a Construction Project team as they go about their work and has been created using the findings from Collaboration Research recently carried out across the sector.

The cost per person is £400 and can be reduced through discount available to members and starts from the end of April 2023. To learn more please click here and to join our webinar at Noon on the 18th April register.

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