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CESW Chair, Dan Macey on the our 2023 Awards

As the Chair of the Constructing Excellence South West Board, I take great pride and admiration in expressing my gratitude for the outstanding revitalisation of the CESW Awards 2023 ceremony. Kingsley Clarke and his team at SCF Frameworks ( Eleanor, Gabby and Claire and Matt ) deserve special recognition for their exceptional work throughout the entire process, from handling the initial entries to meticulously organising the event. We carefully considered feedback from previous requests and other major construction events across the UK to ensure we established a platform that exudes prestige. Well done everyone.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the Subcommittee of board members for their invaluable input, ensuring we made the right choices regarding the venue and food. The awe-inspiring setting of Concorde, combined with first-class exquisite dining, provided an iconic piece of history to enhance the evening.

To our new and returning sponsors, we acknowledge the pivotal role your financial commitment and involvement play in making these events possible. We ensured maximum visibility for our sponsors before, during, and after the ceremony, and we hope you found true value in being part of this remarkable experience. We look forward to welcoming you back for future events.

The exceptional quality of this year’s entrants made the judging process extremely challenging. The level of excellence displayed in the written submissions and interviews made it difficult to distinguish not only the shortlist but also the eventual winners.

To Meg of BILLYCHIP CIC, having listened intensely to your passionate speech, I no longer feel the need to apologise for the slight malfunction in the sound of your video, because of this, the audience got to hear such a powerful heartfelt message as they respectfully sat in silence due to such an exceptional personal delivery. I look forward to further supporting such a great cause in the future.

This year has undoubtedly set a new standard for CESW, aligning perfectly with the excellence we always strive to deliver. The feedback we received from industry experts who attended the event was overwhelmingly positive, with kind words of gratitude for the excellence delivered to them and their invitees.

Please keep a look out for the Feedback QR code; your honest comments and suggestions are crucial for improving this annual event further.

The CESW Governance Board deeply appreciates the commitment and contributions of everyone involved and sincerely hopes that you will continue to be associated with CESW and participate in our future events. Keep an eye on your email communications and our upcoming new and improved CESW Website for updates on our upcoming events.

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