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CESW Introduces new membership structure

CESW has made some essential movements in our strategic review to honour our Brave approach for 2023 as indicated at the November 2022 AGM.

We have made some fundamental changes to our membership structure. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEW STRUCTURE

The Board of CESW wishes to reflect value into our new 2023 – 24 proposal. Member’s feedback has shown us there was a need to simplify the existing structure to avoid any misunderstanding, predominantly, larger organisations have been penalised for their success by paying higher premiums based on company turnover or employee volume, therefore, the CESW Board have agreed upon rationalising our value-based approach into 4 simple categories, Individual, Bronze, Silver and Gold packages.

This new approach allows an organisation to position itself where they believe the Best Value to be, irrespective of its turnover, employee quantity or typology of business. This way, you can be a large PLC opting for Bronze or an SME that wishes to gain greater value by opting for Gold.

This offers New Choices for all.

This proposal has been well received by our current sponsors of the CESW Awards 2023 who have appreciated the value by receiving discounts of up to £600 on their sponsorship package when combining this with the benefits of the new membership structure.

CESW remain to be a fundamental body of the South West Construction sector, achieved by the financial contributions through membership and sponsorship and accompanied by a wealth of knowledge and wisdom shared by our industry experts during networking opportunities we create.

Please take the opportunity to review the new structure that will be implemented from April 1st 2023, should you wish to discuss membership in greater detail, please do not hesitate to contact either CEO Kevin Harris via or Chair Dan Macey via


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