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Thank you from CEGlos

Constructing Excellence Gloucestershire is grateful for the continued support from our Sponsors. If your organisation is interested in sponsoring CEGlos or any of our standalone events, get in touch with a member of the CEGlos Committee.

E G Carter & Co Ltd

E G Carter & Co Ltd is a fourth generation family owned regional building contractor established in 1945. The Company delivers a comprehensive range of building and construction services throughout the Midlands, South and South West, operating in a variety of sectors including Commercial, Retail, Healthcare, Country Homes, Public Buildings, Education, Leisure, Partnership Housing and Insured Loss Repairs.

Project values range from a few hundred pounds up to £20m with a turnover approaching £80 million. We operate a continual training matrix investing £250,000 per year to the on-going upskilling of all staff.

E G Carter & Co Ltd’s sponsorship of the Constructing Excellence Gloucestershire Club captures its dedication to construction excellence, innovation, collaboration, and skill development. Through this partnership, we continue to make meaningful contributions to the construction sector, ensuring that best practices are upheld, innovations are embraced, and the industry as a whole thrives. E G Carter’s legacy as a sponsor of Constructing Excellence Gloucestershire Club serves as a testament to its unwavering commitment to building a brighter, more accomplished construction community.

Visit the E G Carter website here.

Kier Group Plc

Kier Group Plc, a major construction company with a current turnover in excess of £4 billion, operates throughout the UK and overseas. The Group was formed in 1992 but the roots of the business go back over 200 years with establishment of William Moss & Sons Ltd in Loughborough in 1820. The Western and Wales Region of Kier was created in 1981 with an expansion into the South West and Wales region and today the division has regional offices in Bristol, Plymouth, Exeter, Truro, Cardiff, Swansea, Gloucester and Oxford.

Our Purpose

  • Kier’s purpose is to sustainably deliver infrastructure which is vital to the UK. We are a leading provider of infrastructure services, construction and property developments and committed to delivering for communities and leaving lasting legacies through our work.
  • At the core of our project delivery is technical excellence, utilising the latest building methods, innovations and technology to ensure we offer the best value for our clients.
  • In 2020, we launched our sustainability framework, Building for a Sustainable World. It focuses on two key components; environmental sustainability and social sustainability.
  • We are committed to attracting, retaining and progressing talent within Kier, with a diverse, and resilient workforce that reflects the communities we serve.

Our Expertise

  • At Kier we provide specialist design and build capabilities. The knowledge, skills and intellectual capital of our people ensure we are able to project manage and integrate all aspects of a project.
  • We take pride in bringing specialist knowledge, sector-leading experience and fresh thinking to create workable solutions for our clients on a huge range of projects.
  • We operate in a number of different markets and across many sectors including education, health, defence, housing, highways, aviation, rail and power.

Our Approach

  • We are a business with local passion and national reach. In each community, we leave what we call positive footprints by operating in a way which adds financial and non-financial value to the local economy, to society and the environment. This is not a new approach for Kier, but a way of working we have developed over many decades. Put simply, the principles of creating positive social value are an important part of the Kier make up, our operations and people.
  • We are also increasingly applying modern construction methods across many sectors using precast components whilst also utilising digital construction tools including BIM. We are also continuing to build long-term partnerships with our supply chain and work on multiple Frameworks to deliver on time, quality and cost while leaving a lasting impact on the wider community.

Visit the Kier Group plc website here.

Rappor Consultants Ltd

Rappor Consultants Ltd. is a leading infrastructure and environmental consultants. With a strong reputation for excellence and innovation, Rappor offers comprehensive services in landscape planning and design, transport planning, infrastructure and civil engineering, water management, air quality, and acoustics.

Water management is a pressing concern in today’s world, and Rappor offers specialised expertise in this field. Their team of flood risk consultants work together to develop sustainable strategies for water supply, flood control, stormwater management, and wastewater treatment. By integrating innovative technologies and best practices, Rappor helps clients conserve water resources, mitigate risks, and ensure environmental sustainability.

Air quality and acoustics are crucial considerations for both public and private developments. Rappor employs a multidisciplinary approach to assess and mitigate the impacts of air and noise pollution. Using advanced modelling techniques and state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, their team of experts identifies potential sources of pollution, evaluates their effects, and designs effective mitigation measures to create healthier and more comfortable living environments.

Landscape planning and design is another area of expertise for Rappor. They understand the importance of creating harmonious and functional outdoor spaces that enhance the natural environment and improve the overall quality of life. Through careful analysis, creative design, and sustainable practices, their landscape architects collaborate with clients to develop innovative solutions that integrate seamlessly with the surrounding ecosystem.

In the field of infrastructure and civil engineering, Rappor excels in providing expertise and solutions for projects. Their team of highly skilled engineers are dedicated to delivering sustainable and efficient designs that meet the needs of both public and private clients. From concept development to construction supervision, Rappor ensures that projects are delivered on time and within budget while adhering to the highest quality and safety standards.

Transport planning is critical to development planning, and Rappor excels in this field. Promoting active mobility and related sustainable transport solutions are vital tools in combatting climate change and are a crucial focus at Rappor. Through our transport assessment work, we harness the latest insight and design methodologies to achieve evidenced proposals that balance meeting our client’s interests and regulatory demands while also serving the local community’s best interests and the environment.

In summary, Rappor Consultants Ltd. is a trusted consultancy firm with extensive knowledge, technical expertise, and commitment to sustainability. Rappor plays a vital role in shaping the built environment and promoting sustainable development practices.

Visit the Rappor Consultants Ltd website here.


Nestled within the picturesque Gloucester Docks, Quattro Design Architects stands as a distinguished architectural practice at the forefront of the industry. Boasting regional offices in both London and Cardiff, our reach extends far beyond our Gloucestershire headquarters. With a dynamic team of over 50 exceptionally talented professionals, we have remained unwavering in our dedication to crafting remarkable and sustainable designs for nearly four decades.

The embodiment of our philosophy, ‘Creative. Innovative. Collaborative,’ transcends through our team, manifesting itself throughout our work. Our portfolio of striking designs that have gained not just admiration from our peers, but also numerous awards.

Through our dedication – we embrace innovative techniques that marry form and function, resulting in spaces that stand the test of time while serving the evolving needs of their inhabitants.
At the core of our success lies an inherent commitment to collaboration. In-house, our team members form a harmony of ideas and skills, enriching each project with diverse perspectives. Yet, our collaboration extends far beyond our studio walls. Our partnerships with clients are built on trust and dialogue, culminating in spaces that resonate with their visions.

Our proud partnership and dedication with Constructing Excellence opens the gates to a wide range of industries both nationally and at home in Gloucestershire.

Visit the Quattro Design Architects website here.