Policy update from CE National – 31st May

Jun 4, 2024


The pre-election period of heightened sensitivity for the General Election has begun. This is where government, ministers and civil servants have to be cautious in making any announcements or decisions that may influence the election campaign. During this period, ministers remain in office but have to observe discretion. Announcing or creating government policy during this time is a no-go for both ministers and civil servants. Material which could be viewed as influencing the electoral cannot be published, with campaign visits and press releases not being included in this. Civil servants have to comply the pre-election period rules of their departments as well as the Civil Service Code during this time. However, Freedom of Information requests can still be issued. Likewise, civil servants cannot provide answer on any manifestos of political parties, nor can they attend party political events. In addition, civil servants cannot respond to questions on future policy


Leasehold and Freehold Reform Act becomes law

On Friday (24 May), the Leasehold and Freehold Reform Act was one of the Bills passed during “wash-up” before Parliament was prorogued for the General Election. The Act includes measures to make it cheaper and easier for people to extend their lease or buy their freehold, increase transparency over service charges, and ban the sale of almost all leasehold houses. Controversially, no cap on ground rents was included in the Act, something previously promised by the Government.

Renters (Reform) Bill falls

On Friday (24 May) the Renters (Reform) Bill, among others, failed to be passed into law before Parliament was prorogued. The Bill had contained measures to abolish fixed term assured tenancies and assured shorthold tenancies, and impose obligations on landlords to maintain better standards of the housing they provide. A major point of dispute around the Bill was whether or not a ban on Section 21 notices (known as no-fault evictions) would be included.

Future Homes Hub has published the Whole Life Carbon Conventions

The Future Homes Hub has published the Whole Life Carbon (WLC) Conventions and launched a free Future Homes Carbon Assessment Tool to support SMEs in measuring the carbon impact of new homes. Developed by industry experts, the WLC Conventions will ultimately help all homebuilders consistently measure, share and report WLC assessments. The Future Homes Carbon Assessment Tool covers all building elements but is simple, quick and zero cost, encouraging more homebuilders to start their WLC journey. Future Homes Hub UK


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