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Reflecting on an Exceptional Year and Embracing the Future

Dear Constructing Excellence South West Members and Supporters,

As we bid farewell to a year brimming with achievements and growth, I am delighted to reflect on the remarkable journey we’ve shared at Constructing Excellence South West. The past 12 months have been transformative for our organisation, and I am proud to share some of the highlights that define our success.


Membership Structure Overhaul:

One of the most significant milestones of the year was our comprehensive review of the membership structure. Focused on delivering enhanced value, we redefined our offerings to align with the evolving needs of our members. This strategic shift has resonated not only positively with our existing members but has also paved the way for an influx of new members, enriching our community with diverse perspectives and expertise.


CESW Awards Ceremony:

Our commitment to recognising excellence within our industry came to life at the CESW Awards Ceremony held at Aerospace Bristol. The event was nothing short of spectacular, providing a platform to celebrate our members’ outstanding contributions and achievements. The success of this ceremony underscores the strength and unity within our community, and I extend heartfelt congratulations to all the award recipients.


Construction and Housing Summit in Exeter:

The dynamic exchange of ideas and insights reached new heights at the Construction and Housing Summit hosted at The Future Skills Centre in Exeter. This summit served as a hub for collaboration, fostering excellent discussions while exploring solutions to industry challenges. The engagement and enthusiasm displayed by our panellists and attendees reaffirmed our collective dedication to advancing excellence in construction and housing.

Local Club and Theme Group Reinvigoration:

During the next year, we are dedicated to extending the great work of the Chairs and committees of our local clubs and transforming the current theme groups into focus groups. Each group will now provide tailor-made added value to specific areas of significance across the region. This strategic shift aims to cultivate deeper collaboration and knowledge exchange within our community and membership, fostering a more impactful approach to industry-related topics. 


The Construction Industry Collaboration Initiative (CICI) Launch:

We were thrilled to announce the launch of The Construction Industry Collaboration Initiative (CICI). This initiative is a testament to our commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation within the construction industry. CICI aims to create a platform for meaningful partnerships, knowledge sharing, and joint initiatives that will drive positive change. The training is behavioural-based, making it suitable for complete supply chains and everyone involved in collaboratively delivering a contract or a project, from the very top down in CICI, we can amplify our impact and contribute to the continued success and advancement of our industry. organisations. We believe that by working together through CICI, we can amplify our impact and contribute to the continued success and advancement of our industry.


Upcoming Website Launch in 2024:

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce the imminent launch of our new website in early 2024. This digital platform is designed to provide a seamless and enriched experience for our members, offering easy access to resources, events, and a vibrant community network. We are confident that this upgrade will further strengthen our online presence and facilitate even greater collaboration among our members.

As we stand on the threshold of a new year, I want to express my gratitude to each member, partner, and supporter who has contributed to our success. Constructing Excellence South West is not just an organisation; it is a thriving community driven by shared values and a commitment to excellence. Together, we have achieved much, and together, we will continue to shape the future of our industry.


Here’s to another year of innovation, collaboration, and success.

Wishing you all a joyful and prosperous New Year!


Warm regards,


Kevin Harris 

Chief Executive 

Constructing Excellence South West

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