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RUH Bath Pharmacy – Kier Construction

RUH Bath NHS Trust
£6.1 million
Contract type
Design & Build NEC3

Project Overview

The RUH occupies a 52-acre site 1.5 miles from Bath and provides specialist, general acute and emergency treatment for around 410,000 people in Bath & North East Somerset, and surrounding counties. The Pharmacy is a central part of the Trust’s services, providing drug treatments for wards and outpatient departments, and continuing care on discharge. The redevelopment of the Pharmacy is a key enabler in the delivery of the Trust’s estate strategy. The existing pharmacy building was in poor condition and as a result, the service was not compliant with European Good Manufacturing Practice or Medicines Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency standards. As a result the services had to be outsourced. Kier, appointed under the P21+ Framework, working with the RUH, delivered a quality building on time and in budget in a live hospital environment to the satisfaction of our Client.

The regeneration scheme provides a modern attractive complex and comprises 100,000sqft of retail space, a 104 bedroom hotel with a restaurant / bar with direct access to the High Street. The residential accommodation includes 34 two and three bedroom luxury apartments.

The Trust Team involvement from day one was fundamental to the success of the process.

As the design developed we repeatedly checked we were meeting user expectations but also ensuring the wider strategies and objectives were achieved.

The new Pharmacy is an amazing building. Its functionality and robust construction is a reflection of the Project team efforts.

Best Practice

Collaboration: A strong relationship had been forged between the RUH and Kier Construction on a previous project (Pathology & Mortuary) and as such, in the true spirit of the P21+ Framework there was a genuine collaborative approach to the process. The Trust shared both their Business Case Objectives and Estate Strategy Principles such that they could be reflected in the design and the new building that was ultimately delivered.

Quality team work: Quality communication was in place from the outset. Knowing the clients objectives (business case and estate strategy) ensured we were able to deliver a scheme that met their exacting requirements.

Design: The spaces enabled operational services to be enhanced and thereby creating an improvement in the quality and safety of care. Construction: The building specification is strong, durable and was handed over defect free.

Cost efficiency: We enabled the Client’s budget to work harder through efficient design and supply chain guidance and were able to deliver 5 clean rooms rather than the 3 originally envisaged.

Health, safety and environment: The construction duration was 49 weeks. A total of 88,200 man hours were incident and injury free.

RUH Bath Pharmacy Constructing Excellence South West Case Study

Client Benefits

The Client benefits can be quantified in two ways, by:

  • Reviewing Business Case Objectives, the associated Critical Success factors and KPI’s
  • Comparing the project cost plans with the achieved out turn costs for the scheme

Two examples of the business case objectives achieved for the scheme are as follows:

Objective No. 1: Create space on site for Redevelopment to progress with minimum decant and operational disruption.
Critical Success Factor: Cost avoidance of decant and temporary buildings for the remainder of Redevelopment Programme KPI: Non-works cost of RUH Redevelopment.

Objective No. 2: Deliver compliant services that are safe for patients as identified by commissioners.
Critical Success Factor: Delivery of a technically compliant service as defined by appropriate legislation

KPI: Signed off design by the Regional Quality Assurance Pharmacist – from a cost perspective we were able to get more for the client’s budget. At SOC stage it was thought only three Clean Rooms would be feasible, but through efficient design and supply chain guidance we were able to provide the 5 that the client required.

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